BC Bike Race : Day 3

Today has been a very tough day here at Powell River, back on the west coast of BC. After a long transfer from Campbell River, a delayed ferry to the mainland and having to wait for a long time in the baking hot sunshine, we finally went underway. Things started well enough even though the course was pretty gruelling. Today was one main climb to take us to elevation and then kilometer after kilometer of undulating tight, rooty, twisting technical singletrack. There was no respite today, no sections to rest the legs, so no places to recover along the way. The demanding course also meant the upper body got a hammering. Still, it was enjoyable, and that's what I'm here for. With just 14km to go however, I had some chain issues which meant I had to pull over and fix it, and soon after I was riding behind Mark in a train of riders on the singletrack when I heard a loud crack and saw Mark pull over. His seatpost clamp bolt had snapped. Having no other choice Mark bagged the damaged seatpost and saddled and rode the remainder of the course stood up. We lost a few places and time and it's seen us drop down a couple of places overall. These things happen and it's meant to be tough but can't help being a bit disappointed. Tomorrow's another day, another stage, another course though and hopefully we'll make up the lost time and places. The riding is still out of this World.

Written a couple of years ago (last updated a long time ago).