BC Bike Race : Day 6

The penultimate stage has just finished and we did ok. Finished 11th today and dropped a bit to 10th but still close as there's only 5 minutes between us and 8th. No pressure for tomorrow's final stage in Whistler then! Currently eating some veggie curry from the food stand. It's yummy. 

Anyway, where was I....Squamish was an amazing stage, a 50 km loop that took in some awesome descents. Some were more groomed and manmade than what we've ridden on all week with super fast berms, tabletops and jumps that you couldn't help launch yourself off and release a loud "whoop!" (it's catching, everybody does it out here). We also had some super techincal singletrack traverses, roots, stepups, you name it. Was complemented on some good riding again today. It really does give you a boost to your confidence. Shame it doesn't happen more often back home.

I was expecting to hurt by now. A lot. But oddly I feel stronger and faster, and I don't really want it to end. My upper body has had a hammering this week from the constant demand on the descents and technical sections. This week has been a good experience in realising that I'm a very very small fish in a huge ocean of amazing riders. With a few results on home turf, you start thinking that you're pretty decent at this game, and I may be at home, but against the guys and girls from 22 other countries? It's an eye opener. It's great being able to ride with them and hold my own at times.

So. Day 7 tomorrow in Whistler. Last day. It has been a blast.

Written a couple of years ago (last updated a couple of years ago).