A Week Later : What Next?

I can't quite believe that it's been over a week since the 24 Hours of Exposure (my Blog on it is on Cyclist No.1 by the way) and after a good week or so of recovery and now that the dust has settled I'm kind of left with a big empty gap. What now? It's not that I'm on a "downer" after it all, it's just that I've gone from following a pretty rigid training plan where my time over the last 3 or 4 months was pretty much set out for me on a spreadsheet and all I had to do was follow it, to having nothing to follow. My riding time is my own, but I don't really know what to do with it! Just get out and ride I guess?! ;-)

I've entered the 24 Hour Solo at Twentyfour12 in July and in theory my 12-week training plan for that should start today, but it's too soon. My body feels like it has recovered fine - a few easy-ish rides last week and plenty of rest in between seems to have done the trick. I was pleased that Matt (Page) and I managed a couple of consecutive sub-hour laps last Friday, so I think my legs are getting there now. It's just that I need a bit of time out to let my head "reset" and recover. Time out from following a training plan really! So for a few weeks, at least until the end of the month, I think I'll "just ride". I may even throw in some running into the mix as well. That'll keep Hamish happy.

One person that's been keeping me motivated (and in awe) since he started his little adventure is Mike Hall (@normally_human on Twitter). Every time I think I've done a long ride, even my 360km at 24 Hours of Exposure, it's nothing. Mike's been clocking those kinds of distances, and more, every day, for over 50 days! He's well over halfway around the World and is looking good for the record. If you're not already doing so, follow him on Twitter and at http://worldcycleracing.com . Mike and the rest of the riders involved are riding distances that some of us wouldn't think about doing in a lifetime.

So, back to basics for me for now, just ride, and enjoy it (although I always enjoy it), then hit the training again in a few weeks' time. I'll hopefully do a few interesting rides soon so will post up some photos and things.

Written a couple of years ago (last updated a long time ago).