BC Bike Race : Day 2

We've just finished Stage 2 of the BC Bike Race in Campbell River, Vancouver Island. Another amazing course. 48km today with 33km of uninterrupted singletrack. We finished 12th today, with just minutes separating 8th to 14th place. We've managed to hold on to our 11th place overall but it's early days yet and there's a lot of racing left.

Today started out in the town where we were led out by an entourage of police cars, holding up traffic, blocking sidestreets and leading us up into the forest where the racing started. After a brief climb up the forest tracks, we started the main section of the day. 33km of singletrack! After a steep climb we were treated to seemingly endless flowing rollercoaster singletrack with some surprise steep long technical sections. That was pretty much it for the ride, it just went on and on, and I could quite happily go out there and do the same again this afternoon. Passing was a problem but there were plenty of sections to squeeze by and everyone seemed happy to pull over and let us by. We were up there with a pack of pairs riders so were happy to stick with the "train" and finish where we finished. There's still a lot of riding to do this week! More bear poop today as well. They seem to love leaving it on the trails :-)

Written a couple of years ago (last updated a couple of years ago).