Relentless Draws Near

It's been a pretty quiet few weeks since Deg yn Llandegla but my last big event of the season fast approaches, another of No Fuss' events, Niterider Relentless 24. 24 hours, solo, on my own, no one else.... apart from Lou and Scottish Mike who's kindly offered to come over from Inverness to help out for the weekend. What with the weather having taken a turn for the worse (as if it could be worse after the pretty dismal August we had), I'm thinking October in Fort William could be interesting, unless we have a late summer, which would be great! If it rains, well, then I'll just wear my jacket and get on with it.

Training seems to be going well but after a few big weeks, both in quantity and intensity, signs started to show that I was overdoing it (for me anyway), so this week will be a quieter week for me, so that I can recover and start my "race prep" period next week nice and fresh. I did however pull off a good time at last weekend's 2011 Brecon Beast 100km in 4 hours 25 minutes in pretty shitty conditions. I started that event with nearly 800km in my legs from the previous 12 days, so wasn't as rested as I'd have liked to have been for an event, but it was a training ride. It was the first time I'd entered. Great event, well organised and it was great to ride very familiar trails under "race" conditions. I finished amongst the first group so was pleased with that.

The other project that's been ongoing for the last few weeks is my van refit, exciting stuff! I know nothing about electrics but have managed to fit a leisure batttery, lights circuits, 12v and 240v sockets and an inverter without making my hair stand on end. Yet. I had  Mike Welch and Rich Holmes at the other end of the email line and they were bombarded with questions, as they seems to know what they're doing with these things. Thanks!  I've also made a nifty false-floor box type thing that we can store all our stuff inside. Looks cool, and seems to work, and hopefully it'll make our weekends away easier and more comfortable.

So what's next? A bit of rest this week, then on to some more training and the Coed y Brenin Enduro the week before Relentless. Should be fun!

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Written a few years ago (last updated a few years ago).