Twenty Eleven

That's my last ride finished for the year and after totting up the distance, I've covered 10,851 km this year. Not as far as a lot of people have covered but that's the furthest I've ever ridden in one year and I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm also 5Kg lighter than what I was this time last year, so that's a bonus too. I was over 6 Kg lighter going into my last race of this year (Relentless 24), but, well, you know, winter and all that ;-) I've actually ridden a fair bit so far this winter, most of it on the road as the weather has been pretty dismal, but I've kept it ticking over quite well. I would have liked to have ridden my mountain bike a lot more but the conditions have been grim around here. Here's hoping for a drier New Year!

It's been a good year both for me, the Loco Racing team and many of my friends. We're not a bad bunch of riders really, and next year will hopefully be more of the same and better. My first focus of the year will be the 24 hour solo at the UK & European Championships being held in Newcastleton in April, so it's an early start this year, and I'll be racing against many of those I consider to be great 24 hour riders, a few of them I consider my mates. I've got a load of other events planned for the rest of the year but I've not decided yet which will be my main events. I'll hopefully have a couple more "A listers", one mid-Summer and another to finish off the year I expect.

I'm also going to challenge myself and tick a ride off my "to do" list by doing the Welsh Coast 2 Coast non-stop unsupported. I've got the 20 hour mark in my mind (Rich Holmes has the record at the moment with 20 hours 10 minutes). Whether I can go faster than that depends on how well things go for me in 2012, but it'll be a good focus, and despite calling me a fatty, Dave B reckons it's not beyond me to do it, so I'll give it a go. I'm not sure when I'll do it and I may not set an exact date, but go for it when I'm feeling fit and the weather's favourable. But it'll probably be late summer, so watch this space.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@MTBHuw) or Facebook may have picked up that I'll be riding for a few new sponsors next year and a new team that has been put together. There are a few more details to iron out but it's nearly there and I'm very excited about it, it's not something that I ever anticipated happening but I'm happy that it has! I'm still going to be here with Loco Tuning and the Loco Racing team as Simon will be sponsoring the new team as well which is very cool, but you will hopefully be seeing me riding a Niner Jet 9 RDO very soon in the New Year, with a set of Stans Gold WheelsErgon grips and hydration pack, Exposure MaxxD on the bars (at night anyway), Loco tuned suspension, Ryders Eyewear glasses and RRP Neoguards and clothing and some Rab clothing too. Thanks to everyone for the support!

This'll be my last blog of the year so all I have left is to do is wish you a Happy New Year and an excellent 2012!

Written a couple of years ago (last updated a couple of years ago).