Podiums at Erlestoke

The girls shone at the Erlsestoke 12 and 6 hour this weekend with Jo and Zoe winning the 6 hour and 12 hour female solo races. Jo beat off the competition completing 7 laps in 5 hours 19 minutes in the female's 6 hour solo, while Zoe won the 12 hour female solo by 4 laps, completing 13 laps in a time of 11 hours 39 minutes.

Huw fought his way up to a respectable 4th place in the Men's 6 hour solo completing 9 laps in 5 hours 34 minutes, despite feeling under the weather leading up to, and during the race, missing out on a 3rd place by 12 minutes. Unofortunately, Mark pulled out after 4 laps with mechanical issues.

The 12km course at the Erlestoke 12 was tough, with many sharp steep climbs. Most of the course was a mix of fast flowing and some tight technical singletrack which made it very enjoyable! Luckily the weather remained mostly dry.

Full results provided by Timelaps

Jo Erlestoke 6 Hour

Zoe Erlestoke 12 Hour

Written a couple of years ago (last updated about a year ago).